Defeat the Attack on America's Patent System

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Defeat the Attack on America's Patent System

Call on members of Congress to oppose HR 1249, the so-called "America Invents Act" bill.

This legislation is unconstitutional.  In the name of harmonizing our patent system with international standards, we drastically weaken the legal protections offered by our own patent system.  This bill will permit multi-national corporations and foreign governments to steal the creative genius of American inventors. Chinese and other tech thieves will use our innovation to transfer American jobs overseas and destroy our industrial base. 

Call on our members of Congress NOW to stop this dramatic ripoff of American inventors and this attack on our country’s prosperity. 

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We The People demand accountability and its clear the only way to get it is to IMPEACH OBAMA
Every day I see the America I was born into in 1959 slipping away at an unbelievable seemingly unstopable speed. Gods patience is surely slipping away as well. We are not the respected country that my father and mother were proud to be citizens of. Our elected officials have bent over and taken right up the*****without even the slightest portion of courage or dignity. I'm glad my grandfather passed away in the 70's and didnt have to watch his beloved country destroy itself.
I believe this legislation is unconstitutional and is an attack against the innovation and creative genius of American inventors..
The United States is the finest nation in the history of the world.
Please sign bill for Veterans commissary and exchange act. Thank You
we don't have to give the ideal.
Stop SOPA and PIPA!!!
Vote for Herman Cain! End the Obama pain!